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 Sandy Scopes, Story

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PostSubject: Sandy Scopes, Story   Fri Nov 21, 2008 2:53 am

Note: UED = United Earth Directorate

>>Search <scopes>
*User(s) found: Sandy Scopes

>>Load <terranova/public/memberinfo/sandyscopes>
*Retrieving info...

*File <sandyscopes>

-General info
-Survival log
-Health log
-AFS archives
-Terra Nova archives

>>Load -General info

*File <sandyscopes/general>

Homeplanet: Earth
Country: Unknown
Gender: Female
Age: 24

General: Back on Earth, Sandy was working as an police officer until she started to let some criminals go free. She claims they they didn't do anything wrong, a hidden camera was installed on her vehicle to gather proof of these actions and Sandy was caught, after spending a year in jail she was free, but she had nothing. She had to live on the streets and..........

*Data missing or corrupt

>>Load -Survival log

*File <sandyscopes/survival>

When the Bane attacked Sandy and a few more survivors performed hit and run tactics to low down the Banes advance. They also held a secret camp where they re-armed, planned next assault and most important; tried to contact any spacecrafts to evacuate them and survivors they picked up as they moved along.

Weeks passed without change, they had now moved the camp twice and still no contact with anyone, it seemed hopeless but they kept trying. During one of their patrols one of her squad mates, Harley, claimed to have seen a dropship land in a park a few blocks away. Taking the chance, and went to look for a dropship they discovered it, but it was not human, it was a Bane dropship, guarded only by a few Thrax. Sandy and her squad went back to report this to the camp and also discuss the possibilities. Many thought this was their chance, they haven't had any luck trying to communicate with the UED (now known as the AFS) so some wanted to make a run for it while it was still there. Harley had a feeling that this was a trap, for the first they hadn't seen a single Bane dropship land, ever.

Everyone went to bed with different believes, while some, waited for the rest to fall asleep, a few inside the camp decided to do it.

07:18 the camp was awoken by a big crash, guards rushed to inform the leaders of the camp.
-Guard: The Bane dropship was shot down by Bane artillery!
Why everyone asked, Harley had noticed some empty beds and didn't need more than seconds to figure it out.
-Harley: Some in the camp tried to flee, and look how it turned out.
-Harley: We should move, there will be Banes crawling all over the place to investigate.

While the entire camp had to move, quickly, trying to hide all their tracks, there was a call on the radio.
-AFS command: to Earth survivors. Finally; a bit of luck.
-We read you AFS command.
-AFS command: We are the former UED, now known as the Allied fr...
-Cut the crap, where's the evac?
-AFS Command: How many are you?
-We're about 60 survivors.
-AFS command: Roger that, we will bomb the park south east of your position, stay outside the park until you see the dropships.
-Copy that, you better be there!
-AFS command: Good luck.

As they moved along, sneaking past a huge amount of Bane troops, Stalkers and Predators they finally reached the park. It didn't look too good, blown to bits literally.
-Civilian: We're too late!
-Soldier: Hush, we'll wait here.
Seconds later the dropships arrived, perfect timing.


>>Load -Health log

*File <sandyscopes/health>

This patient is at full health and is ready for duty.
Signed: Dr. Dave


>>Load -AFS archives

*File <sandyscopes/AFSarchives>

Sandy was close to fully trained just as we got her, we only needed to inform her about Logos and the new high-tech weaponry we had for her. She could aim, shoot, reload and she could also tend to lightly wounded soldiers. We decided to place her on Fort Defiance, Plateau where she has gone through training containing heavy explosives. She is now used mostly when assaulting bases, part of the support group, she deploys mines, prepares EMP bombs and also have a unique skill for the S3 pistols.


>>Load -Terra Nova archives

*File <sandyscopes/terranovaarchives>

Sandy has recently been transferred the Terra Nova infantry, and is currently working her way up towards areas as Crucible, so that she will be able to teach this infantry of what hazards lies ahead.


*Logging out...

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Sandy Scopes, Story
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