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January 2019

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 Ekoorb's Story

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PostSubject: Ekoorb's Story   Fri Nov 21, 2008 7:24 am

Note: UED = United Earth Directorate

>>Search < Ekoorb >
*Searching... Error Unknown Subject Please Try Again!
>>Search < Brooke >
Searching... Error Data Corruption (cf000456)
*User(s) found: Eel Ekoorb

> some data maybe corrupt in this biographical information….

>>Load < terranova/public/memberinfo/leebrooke >
*Retrieving info...

*File < leebrooke >

-General info
-Survival log
-Health log
-AFS archives
-Terra Nova archives

>>Load -General info

*File < leebrooke/general >

Home Planet: Earth
Country: UK
Gender: Male
Age: 27

General: On Earth, Lee had been a scientist working for a large pharmaceutical company called **£RJHF Biotech Pharmaceuticals when the Bane arrived we was working on a new drug to help with the avian flu first discovered in 2007 in Asia then threatened to spread across the world killing thousands if not millions of unprotected people. FH$%$£ In 2010 a vaccine was made %43rtFd£ by a rival company, but not before and island in Europe *HFGS called Cyprus had to be quarantined due to a major outbreak of avian flu killing 3596 people, the outbreak was contained and the survivors where given an experimental cure created by Biotech Pharmaceuticals but th……

*Data missing or corrupt

>>Load -Survival log

*File < leebrooke/survival >

During the Bane assault on the Earth Lee was trapped in the building where he worked with a number of co-workers the building had suffered heavy damage from the Banes first strike along with the other buildings in the nations capital ^%$GduW190f…

Error Data Corrupt…. (000f5773f) Attempting to compensate…. Stand By!

… after gathering a number of co-workers and people from the surrounding area they headed to the subway system to regroup, take stock and get there bearings on what was happening, soon after reaching the subway they came across a group of soldiers stationed locally they where the first to be hit, luckily they where on guard duty at the edge of the blast zone and suffered minimal injury unlike the base, it which was utterly destroyed %FgSe££%(GH

Error Data Corrupt … (000f5673f)

.. in three days and the soldiers have done remarkably well in giving the rag tag survivors basic arms and combat training, we made a raid on a Bane supply drop but we lost Hawkins we managed to grab a few Bane weapons and thanks to Hawkins we nabbed a Bane radio…. We made contact with a UED or ASF What ever there called we requested a rescue but they said they couldn’t get n e thing to pick us up due to the Bane artillery and ships they did however tell us of a secrete British military base located 2 miles from our current position they told us we would find what we needed there..

Two days of hiding on the way to the base we got ambushed we barely made it out of there alive but sergeant McHenery got hit in the gut and we cant do anything for him he needs proper medical attention and that’s a laughable notion they where blown to pieces he pulls me aside and says:

McHenery - “Lee get these guys to the base and find whet ever is in there it’s got to be something that can help you! You’re in command!”

Lee – “But I’m just a scientist why..”

McHenery – “Because you’re a natural born leader, Private Duffy and Raulings are just grunts they’s understand”

Lee – “But I’m not military I’m …”

– “it doesn’t matter you’ve shown you have what it takes I’m telling you to get the hell out of here before the bane show up I’ll hold em back long enough for you to get into the base”

Lee reluctantly gathers the men tells them of his orders and heads towards the base door, the base was hidden underground the only thing above ground was a small garage with a keypad. Lee asks an old work mate who worked as a computer technician to try and open the door…. £^&Ggd321

Error Data Corrupt…. (000f5773f) Attempting to compensate…. Stand By!

.. Making there way through the base they reach what quite obviously is an hanger with a single craft side of a Bane drop ship but Human in design.. obviously this was being built from Bane technology they boarded and found it remarkably easy to understand they found it had faster than light travel and a number of pre-programmed destinations also had a basic Anti-Bane Electronic Counter Measures or (AB-ECM) so they wont be spotted in there escape until the last second…. On the way out of the atmosphere they picked up a number of distress singles from some saviours we changed course and attempted to pick some up we managed to save 26 men, women and children. We took moderate damage when we came to close to a Bane Patrol and lost the AB-ECM and was forced to make a run for it we accessed the nav charts and selected a planet called Foreas (Planet Biographical Data In Database) *rt$shetGES…

Error Data Lost…


>>Load -Health log

*File < leebrooke/health >

Lee is in good physical shape may have some Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Like most Saviours but is fit for ASF Duty
Signed: Dr. Mertsawits


>>Load -AFS archives

*File < leebrooke/AFSarchives >

Lee Brooke has been given a rank of Field-Marshal due to his exceptional skill in recovering the Prototype drop ship and rescuing the civilians from the hell that was known as Earth, Lee has requested to have is name entered into the Database as Eel Ekoorb as most of his biographical data is corrupt anyway he feels that he may as well have a new name to go with his new life as a soldier in the ASF.


>>Load -Terra Nova archives

*File < leebrooke/terranovaarchives >

Ekoorb has been promoted and had been given authorisation to form an infantry squad called Terra Nova this is an all-purpose squad and are assigned all the “Hard to get done jobs” Ekoorb is authorised to recruit any member of the ASF into his infantry as needed.


*Logging out...

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Ekoorb's Story
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